Monitoring of human-induced vibrations stand


The stand is designed for investigation of the relations between measured vibrational signals and human walking patterns. Optical fiber sensors were applied. Their sensitivity and great resistance to environmental conditions make them appropriate for outdoor systems. The idea behind this prototype stand is the planned development of a monitoring system for crowd movements, which seems to be an important problem in particular public objects like stadiums or concert halls.

Sensors integrated:
  • Micron Optics SM130: 4 channels, Scan frequency: 100Hz, 1520-1580nm, Stability: 2pm, Repeatability: 1pm, Dynamic Range: 25dB, Typical 15 FBG sens./ch.
  • FBG sensors: Central wavelengths: 1510 – 1590nm, Measurement range: ± 2.000με, Accuracy: ± 2με, Resolution: ± 1με Sensitivity: 1.2 pm/με FWHM: < 0.2nm, Reflectivity: > 75%, Op. temp.: -20 – 80 C