The Smart Technology Expert Courses (SMART-TECH)established at IPPT PAN started its didactic activity from 1st October 2002. Since 2010, the Courses have been incorporated into the Doctoral Studies of IPPT PAN.
  • The program of the SMART-TECH Expert Courses is composed of two semesters of lectures and classes (approx. 6 blocks × 30 hours) and 1 semester devoted to participation in a research project.
  • The SMART-TECH Expert Courses have an international character and the lectures are given in English if needed.
  • The SMART-TECH Expert Courses offer is dedicated to those university graduates, who are able to meet the following requirements:
    • Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in engineering, physics or mathematics,
    • good command of English,
    • high average of the marks obtained during last years of studies,
    • successful qualification in the entrance competition.
  • It is expected that succeeding in completion of the SMART-TECH Expert Courses followed by obtaining the title of Expert in Smart Technology should be a springboard for:
    • employment in Polish and European Hi-Tech companies,
    • continuation of research work within Doctoral Studies at IPPT PAN or other collaborating Polish and European research centres,
    • employment at Polish and European research projects.
The SMART-TECH Expert Courses is intended to function as a pioneer solution, allowing for flexible adaptation of the program to up-to-date needs of the European Hi-Tech area. Growing demand for well-educated specialists in this field has been observed in recent years. The concept of an individual education program for each student, started by a technical university in co-operation with IPPT PAN during M.Sc. studies and then continued by the SMART-TECH Expert Courses and participation in a research project (carried out jointly with a future employer), is believed to be an effective way of post-graduate education.