Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) demonstrative stand


The stand was designed to conduct demonstrative tests of the Structural Health Monitoring methods developed in the Smart-Tech Centre. The trials are conducted on a 3D truss structure characterized in details below. The experiments contain identification of the following modifications: material of the elements (aluminum elements, additional mass, intentionally initiated defects) The truss structure is based on the commercially available M12 system.

Technical data:
  • Material: steel
  • Number of nodes 26
  • Mass of node 0.2 kg
    • Total number of truss elements: 70
    • 62 elements of length 0.5 m
    • 8 elements of length 0.707 m
  • Dimensions of the element's cross sections: diameter 22 mm, wall width 1 mm.
  • Dimensions (length, width, height): 4 m, 0.5 m, ~0.4 m
  • Total mass of the structure: 32.426 kg
  • Type of support:
    • First end: 2DoF fixed
    • Second end: 3 DoF fixed
    • Number of sections: 8