Lectures of the Expert Courses for the spring 2010:

From 2010.03.04 to 2010.06.24
Lecture rooms at IPPT PAN: S-4, S-5
  1. 11.00, S-5 Measurements and Vibroacoustics - Dr. Jerzy Motylewski
  2. 14.00, S-4 Introduction to Modelling of Multiphysics Problems - Dr. Tomasz G. Zielinski

  3. Friday
  4. 12.00, S-4 Health Monitoring of Engineering Systems - Dr. Przemyslaw Kolakowski
  5. 14.00, S-4 Programming, Numerics and Optimisation - Dr. Lukasz Jankowski
Each lecture comprises 30 hours. It is complemented by 15 hours practical exercise or consultation (depending upon the lecturer's decision).