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DWDK.Seku豉N2011,TRL 4,IPPT2012,TRL 8,ADA
DWKK.Seku豉N2011,TRL. 4,IPPT2012,TRL 8,ADA
Drop Test Inst.G.Miku這wskiN2011,TRL 8,IPPT
MFMP.Paw這wskiN2011,TRL 4,IPPT
ALGG.Miku這wskiN2008,TRL 4,IPPT
AQUARIUSP.Ko豉kowskiZastrz.,ADA2007,TRL 4,IPPT2013,TRL 5,ADA
DELAMA.Or這wskaZastrz,ADA2008,TRL 2,IPPT-ADA
Pneumatic ALGG.Miku這wskiPat.PL,ADA2012,TRL 4,IPPT-ADA
APFC. GraczykowskiPat PL,ADA2013,TRL. 3,IPPT-ADA

ADA - Adaptronica Sp.z o.o.

  • DWD ( K.Seku豉, J.Biczyk, D.Wi帷ek, P.W鎩cicki )
    Weight in Motion (WIM) installation for measuring of weight of road vehicles traveling in full speed.
    Potential end-users: owners of public roads, owners of storing goods magazines

  • DWK ( K.Seku豉, J.Biczyk, D.Wi帷ek, P.W鎩cicki )
    Weight in Motion (WIM) installation for measuring of weight of rail vehicles traveling in full speed.
    Potential end-users: railway network operators

  • DROP TEST Installation ( G.Mikulowski, W.Rogo積icki, R.Wiszowaty, G.Suwala, A.Mroz )
    Drop test tower for precise monitoring of the impact process for passive and adaptive crashworthiness testing. The device consists of a tower with two linear guide ways, a vehicle that can slide vertically on these guide ways, and a lift designed for pulling up the vehicle. During each experiment the vehicle is released from electromagnet from the required altitude and falls freely. Measuring circuit includes linear encoders, accelerometers and additional sensors required for particular research needs (data acquisition for processes with the duration in the range from 2 ms to a few seconds).
    Potential end-users: impact testing research services (e.g. crashworthiness of structural parts), material testing

  • MFM ( P.Paw這wski, J.Holnicki )
    Specially designed adaptive shock-absorber, able to be tuned to the identified impact load (impact energy and mass/velocity proportion).
    Potential end-users: designers of anti-collision shock-absorbers for transport applications

  • ALG ( G.Miku這wski, P.Paw這wski, J.Holnicki, Z.Wo貫jsza, F.Claysen )
    Adaptive Landing Gears (ALG) based on Magneto-Rheological-Fluid (MRF) or Piezo-Valve (PV) technologies. The technologies improve the impact absorption capability of the aircraft or rotorcraft undercarriages by implementing a real-time adaptive control for the reaction force generated by the shock-absorber. The device is integrated with an on-line system for an advance identification of the touchdown impact energy.
    Potential end-users: aeronautic and space applications

  • HPV ( M.Ostrowski, P.Paw這wski, C.Graczykowski, EP.0946159.3 European Patent )
    High Performance Valve (HPV) able to release pressure and close the flow in an airbag. It is capable of large opening and closing in a very short time. Such a strategy enables effective absorption of the impact load.
    Potential end-users: designers of adaptive pneumatic shock-absorbers for transport anti-collision devices.

  • AQUARIUS ( P.Kolakowski, D.Sala, J.Holnicki, N.Nasher, P.391629 patent pending )
    Monitoring system for detection and identification of leakages in water networks by measuring local pressures and using a numerical net model.
    Potential end-users: local authorities, operators of water networks

  • UPWIND ( A.Mroz, J.Holnicki )
    P.398448 patent pending
    Potential end-users:

  • DELAM ( A.Orlowska, P.Kolakowski, J.Holnicki, P.391633, P.387685 patent pending )
    SHM systems able to identify delamination defects in laminar composite materials: a thermograph-based system and a piezo-twin-patches system.
    Potential end-users: NDT diagnostic services for aeronautics

  • IMPACTOR ( A.安iercz, G.Miku這wski, C.Graczykowski, R.Wiszowaty, J.Holnick, P.Ko豉kowski, P.397312 patent pending )
    Impactor is a device intended for excitation of structural response by using an impact load generated in a controlled way (amplitude and time duration). The concept is based on an adaptive pneumatic impact hammer capable of on-line dissipation (in a controlled way) of the kinetic energy during the impact process. A pre-designed impact loading allows specific structural responses to be collected, e.g. for the purpose of damage identification by solving a properly defined inverse problem.
    Potential end-users: structural diagnostics service, R+D labs

  • Pneumatic ALG ( G.Miku這wski, W.Rogo積icki, R.Wiszowaty, PL-Patent P.392368 )
    Pneumatic, Adaptive Landing Gear (ALG), based on the HPA (High Performance Absorber) concept making use of actively controlled piezo-valves. The HPA pneumatic device enables conversion of mechanical energy into heat with high efficiency by introduction of thermodynamically irreversible process of unrestrained expansion of gas. The process is controlled by an electronically driven piezoelectric valve.
    Potential end-users: designers of UAVs and super light airplanes, designers of systems for shock absorption and vibration mitigation.

  • APF ( C.Graczykowski, G.Mikulowski, K.Sekula, G.Suwala, J.Holnicki, PL-Patent P.387534 )
    Adaptive Pneumatic Fenders (APF) with actively controlled release of pressure for mitigation of maritime impact collisions.
    Potential end-users: designers of maritime fenders for safety of maritime transport and off-shore installations.